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Originally Posted by Ridiculous132 View Post
Why pie the corner twice? One man can do it while the other checks the rear, less moving around, quicker and safe enough, no?
Because your setting up your man.

Techobo: Yes, much. Only thing that "could" be changed is have Red watch rear till blue gets the corner, then execute the same maneuver; but its really going to be assumed that the rear unit is making constant check of rear and periphals (windows, railings, etc.).

Ridculous, let me explain the logic here. If you are the blue unit and I am red. You move on the corner and secure it, while I bring up the rear; checking behind and watching peripherals (if any). Once you have the corner, I turn and execute that maneuver, while having ample room to operate if and when shit hits the fan (ie. bail for cover or engage). Once I have that corner secured, you turn the corner and would begin the push up, with me in position to take up the rear, never dropping a barrel from the area we want to go. This also gives me the oportunity to verify the next intersection, as there may be another hall adjacent, or doors open along the right hand side, which would be difficult to verify from the corner; not impossible, but difficult.

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