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Originally Posted by ronliang View Post
I've sent Emails to two of the ASC representitives in Markham (one a week ago, n one few days ago), But they don't seem to reply.

I'm asking ASC representitives in the GTA area to help me out. I live just across the street where the Markham Civic Center is (Hwy7 & Towncenter Blv) or (Hwy7 & Warden). So, if any ASC representitives live close by, please call my cell 647-998 9045 or pm me for your contact info.


Ron. Liang

(Forgive me if posting this thread in the General section is not correct, sorry for the wrong doing just incase.)
Hey man if you're in TO just take a trip to the ASC Arnoury to get age verified.

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