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Originally Posted by techobo View Post
So you are saying that if the corrodor is narrower than the one illustrated then only the first man can pie the corners right? I guess I have to do another situation where you are coming from a room through a door into a hallway.

But otherwise, is the second option that I presented a sound tactic?
No, both corners need to be done at the same time, if the hall was wider then you would not need to do the crossed arc of fire , Each man could pie and pass his own corner. although for ease of action you may want to keep the same action regardless of the width of the hallway.

The T is a tough obstical for this reason... as there are 3 potential engagement directions 9 , 3 and 6 o'clock... and in order to cross it "safely" you must co-ordinate actions so that no one is exposed to fire without being able to return fire.
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