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Originally Posted by drakore244 View Post
you see, this is the reason i showed you all this letter, i wanted you to voice your opinion and if you truly want this letter to be proper, you can always revise it, or write one your self. I knew it wasnt the greatest letter, and i never truly expected a responce of any value because it was just me sending it in, but if we were all to send letters in, as previously mentioned, they might just read one of them. So i would more then welcome the facts you think i need. And to respond to some of you, i HAVE read the criminal code, and firearms laws, i have done so about 6 times now, and as Amazing KG3 said, atleast i am taking action, no matter how futile, instead of sitting on my ass and just shooting down any idea that others have put up.

It is a badly written letter with the wrong approach. You refer to others who have the same problem you risk the whole issue being painted with the same brush. A letter like this, its format, tone and style make an impression on the reader, just like how you dress and speak can make an impression on someone you are meeting for the first time. I do not think this letter will make an effective impression that will lead a bureaucrat or elected official to action.

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