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...there isn't enough water in all the oceans in all of the world to rehydrate me in any way what so ever...


Oh, Jagermeister...
Oh, Captain Morgan (White & Black)...
Oh, Bacardi (White & Black)...
& you other heathen beverages that have left me a shattered husk, a wretching, dry heaving, convulsing shell of a former human being...

What hath thou wrought upon me!?

Why am I plagued by these demons constantly at war within my head!?

Why does my mouth feel as though I have eaten several bowls of finely sifted sand, as well as several pairs of filthy wool socks, & a bag of kitty litter...?

Why does my stomach sound like a pack of wild dogs fighting over the last baby kitten?

But more importantly, when can we go out & do it again!?


That was a party!
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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.
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