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Suffering, So Your Friends Don't Have To... (Tales Of The Best Man)

Long story, short version....

Best Man at Saturday wedding... (Drinking steadily since Tuesday morning...)

Demon Rum... (Nightly to excess...)

Demon shooters...Various... (Nightly to excess...)

Demon Beer... (To take the edge off.... mistake...)

No survivors....


From left to right:

"Drunk since Tuesday morning" = Savage Haggis (Best Man)

"Too Nervous to think for himself" = Server Monkey (The Groom)

"Drunk since Tuesday morning, but still remarkably coherent" = Cowboy B (Groomsman)

The Groom (Server Monkey) & the Groomsman (Cowboy B) are both recent converts to Airsoft, after an afternoon in my garage blazing away with my collection(s) -
- so I look forward to helping them spend their hard earned money on guns & gear...

"Server Monkey" married a hell of a great woman & both made out like bandits at their reception. They're off to parts unknown for a little "them" time away from everyone - then, who knows for a few months. Cowboy B & Myself did a bang up job keeping the Groom to be on time, on schedule & on line - & we only had to explain our erratic driving & otherwise socially unacceptable behavior to the local RCMP on three different occasions during the past week. (We were throwing around "Fear & Loathing in Los Vegas" quotes the whole time, which made it all the more hilarious...)

And only after the happy couple drove off into the sunset this afternoon, after the open house & gift opening, did we both simultaneously black out on the side walk... (True story..)

...the Paramedics were very understanding.

Let's hear it for the Happy Couple!!
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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.

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