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you are having good ideas, but there is always that one guy in this fourm that shoots down an idea, and we have to stop listening to these nay sayers, and find an idea and just go with it, cause if we don't, there soccer moms will just get more and more political backing, and to answer a responce to one of my prior posts, i quite closly know a retired provincial BC judge, and i wont givve his name out because i respect his disire to have a private life, but im sure he would help me with any legal situations, and if you direct questions so me, i could ask him. And finally, here is my letter i sent off already many times, sorry it took a week to respond, but i was occupied. Now it many not be 100% accurate, or entirely proper but its a start, and id welcome your letters, or a revised one of mine.

Dear The Honourable Stockwell Day:

Hello, my name is (withheld) , I am a student who lives in Terrace, B.C., I have a problem that I believe regards to your area of politics. My problem, which in no way is limited to just me, is in regards to a form of recreation which you may or may not of heard of, it is called Airsoft, however it may also be titled as "soft air". The problem in question is that Airsoft is in a "grey area" of Canadian Customs Law. You see, as far as I can tell from the Customs' website, Airsoft is a replica firearm, however, in my opinion, it is not a replica firearm. From my understanding, in order for a object to be considered a replica firearm, it must be made to exactly recreate a firearm, while Airsoft is not intended to recreate a firearm, while many look similar to the real gun, they have many different parts. The first and most noticeable difference is the blaze orange tip at the end of the barrel, that is required to be at least .7cm (.25 inch) long. I am not sure, and you may correct me if I am wrong, but i think this may only be an American law, however, I have seen it used on many toys and other sport guns in Canada. Also, no Airsoft gun I have seen fires over 500 FPS (Feet Per Second), the minimum speed a gun must shoot a projectile in order to be a firearm. For these reasons, as well as others, I am unsure why Airsoft is still considered a replica firearm, and why it is often not allowed to cross from overseas, or from the USA and enter Canada, and yet sometimes it is. I know there is the argument to be made that Airsoft guns can be used in a robbery, however so can far more readily available items, such as knives, baseball bats, or other items, these objects are also far cheaper then Airsoft. Also i have heard the argument that it is dangerous, however, so is paintball, hockey, soccer, baseball, even tennis or golf, and these sports are 100% legal. To add to that, I could not find one case where someone was killed or seriously injured in an Airsoft or an Airsoft related accident, or purposeful event, while deaths in or relating to the sports, excluding paintball, I mentioned earlier were everywhere. So I ask you, is that fair? And a final argument iv heard is, "well yes, Airsoft has not killed anyone YET", but you see, if everyone who plays wears proper safety gear, only eye and possibly ear protection is needed, the worse someone will get from being shot by an Airsoft gun is a small welt no bigger then a small insect bit.

These reasons are why I wonder why it is almost impossible to get an Airsoft "gun" over the border. You see, it is often up to the customs officer to decide if the "gun" makes it over the border, because i have had friends get an Airsoft over the border, and yet the next time they do not, this even has happened to a local gun and tackle store here. So i ask you, as the head of customs, why is something that is perfectly harmless not let over the border, while i could very easily order a knife, a paintball gun, or hell, even a REAL GUN over the border. I ask you, could you please respond to me with an answer, or even better, please bring this up in parliament.

If I have addressed this matter to the wrong person, I am very sorry of using your time, and i would greatly be thankful if you could redirect this letter to the right person or persons.

Thank You For Your Time
- (withheld)
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