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Pics and quick internals assessment of the same JG A47B. The gun shoots a solid 340 fps with 0.20g bb's out of the box. FPS was measured through an F1 Shooting Chrony.

The gun takes down just like a TM/ISC/CA AK so no suprises there.

Right side of the gearbox

Left side of the gearbox

A quick note to gun docs, the Torx screws are #8, not the #10/11 TM use. The gearbox is quite...well...shiney. Like chromed shiney. Don't know if JG uses an exceptionally smooth metal (doubtful) or if the shell was just given a quick dunk in the plating tank to make it look nicer (more likey).

The disassebled gearbox. The gears are lubed with a brown grease while the cylinder/piston area is lubed with a whiteish/clear grease. Much better than the SRC XM8 I did last week which had a nondescript lube painted on with a brush (yes, literally). Nothing really out of the ordinary, just different colors.

The piston head is ported from the factory, but otherwise looks like a TM. The spring is secured the same as TM.

The cylinder head, cylinder, nozzle and tappet plate assembly. Again, nothing out of the ordinary.

The sector and spur gears, oddly (?) marked "CA". Not shown in this picture, but the other side of the spur gear has a slightly mismolded tooth, only about 75% of it is there in thickness only, not in circumference. The bevel gear looks to be made of the same material, with 4 latches and has no markings.

There was a whopping 5 x 0.2mm shims in the whole gearbox. I degreased, reshimmed and relubed it. I put in several more shims than I took out as well. Other than that, I can't find fault with this gun from an inspection standpoint. Keep in mind, I have not fired this gun other than through my chrono, so actual "fieldworthiness" has yet to be determined, but for $275 (with a 250 round high cap a 600 round high cap, both metal, and 2 batteries and a charger!), if it lasts a season before needing something replaced, how can you go wrong?

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