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Jing Gong AK-47

Alright, so since my own AK is in the shop (new internals at last!) I got my hands on the Jing Gong AK-47 today at a game, and tried it out for the day. As some know, this is a Marui clone sold by at a price of $275. Since there is a lack of reviews, heres what I can tell you.

First Impressions

Its an AK-47, looks much like a stock Marui. The fake wood isn't quite as good. The metal parts have a strange hue to them that some may not like. These parts include the top cover, the gas tube, and the front sight. It feels nice, weighted well with a mag and battery. One of the major things is that yes, it comes with an orange tip. I noticed that only the barrel nut is painted orange. No problem I thought, since that screws off. Nope, has glued it on it would seem. There must be a way to get some solvent into the threads to get it off, but I found that to be a pain.

Another differance is that where they is a metal tube/stick battery storage under the top cover on the Marui, the JG has a weight. This is screwed into the body. There were some issues with the bolt that I will cover later.

Getting Ready for the Day

First thing I did was set the hop-up. I found this much more difficult than on my own AK. There is just one sweet spot where you can get any range. Outside of that, it would seem that the hop-up has almost no effect on the BBs. Someone more in the know might have a better answer for you, but my suggestion would be to just replace the hop-up unit off the bat. Also, there is a nub on the inside of the bolt handle that can catch the hop-up adjustment lever if you don't pay attention. The lever will move from this.

Now, the JG is advertised as firing at 350 fps. I don't believe it, personally. There wasn't a chrony availible that day so I'll have to update after I find out. I estimate it was firing at about 280-300 fps. About the same or a bit harder than a stock Marui.

On the Field

The JG handled just like I remember my stock AK working. The only problem I encountered was that some of my mags did not feed in the JG. They were kinda well-used G&P mid caps and CA standards. They fed fine in the past in my own AK but skipped BBs in the JG. The G&Ps in particular were very loose in the mag-well. However, the hi-caps that came with the AEG fed and worked just fine. An interesting feature of these were a quick-wind option. A hole in the side of the mag near the bottom provides access to an allan key socket attached to the internal winder. Maybe one full turn and you are ready to go. I found this to be a useful feature.


I didn't get a chance to look at the internals, and even then I wouldn't know what I'm looking at. I was pretty happy with how the JG performed overall aside from the annoying problems with the hop-up. I was very surprised for a Chinese clone AEG. I would reccomend it as a base for a cheap project, a loaner gun, or just to see how you like using an AK.

I compared the JG to my own TM AK-47. Its had stock internals for a long time now, and I've not used it with the upgraded guts. I would say they are comparible. In the long run we will see how things hold up.
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