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U.S.A.S.O.C. 4th Issue (140+ Paged Issue for FREE!)...

Hey guys,
It's that time again, and I just wanted to notify everyone that our fourth issue is out now. It has 140+ pages in it. What is in this issue?

-TPG's ACOG Scope is Reviewed.
-GB AK47S is Reviewed.
-Planning Night Airsoft Events.
-Update on Real Sword and their Products.
-Interview with Mike Force Tactical Airsoft Club and their RECONDO School.
-Special: TAPSS.
-Operation Eagle Claw is Discussed and Reviewed.
-Plus: News, Photos, Events, Op Ideas, and Much More!

Check out the lastest free issue at:

Hope you all enjoy!

God Bless & Best Wishes,
Nick Petrus-Owner/Main Editor
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