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I guess I should have been more specific when I said I ran a major event, I was one of two People (Charlie Tango From the MAA was the other) that planned, organized and ran Keystone Strike ( and neither of us did anything other than run the game) so when it comes to Realism, Camo restrictions, Weapon restrictions, Ammo limits, and any other major element of a serious MilSim I have extensive experience in not only planning, but also implementing the plans, as well as taking care of the logistical aspects such as co-coordinating helo time, vehicle usage, interactive demo sim deployment, and a myriad of other things that other game organizer have never had to consider because I developed the props and pioneered their usage in the game.

What I'm talking when I talk about a national game is a something completely and utterly innovative, where all the game admins effort's are concentrated solely on the creation of a infrastructure for the game upon which the participants decision and actions are the driving force that determine the tempo and flow of the game, and finally the outcome. Scripted games are fine but they lack the realism of a %100 fluid environment, the kind of situation real soldiers and CO's find themselves in daily. When you have the right people acting as the Command element, the game itself is only limited by their talent, and ability to improvise. THAT'S MilSim, and thatís the direction ultimately, I'd like to see the sport heading in, and something I've been working towards for years, and will continue to work on.

Basically my tenet is to simply provide the tools, field and premise and some minor directional influence, and let the participants create their own experience, because in the end that's whatís going to generate the most immersive experience for all involved parties. To do anything less than that isn't tapping into Airsoft's maximum potential.

The whole purpose of this post is to find out if the assembly of the most important component of the entire enterprise, the people, is even realistically possible at the levels needed to actually insure the game's success.
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