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There are lots of things to consider in a Canada-wide game.
In my mind, the 2 biggest are location and administration.

For location, you have to consider not only cost, but enviroment. Things like weather, terrain, and possible wildlife/pests.
For admin, you need good people running the game, and for a game this large, there'd have to be quite a few. One thing I've always noticed is that when admins are on teams and fully participating in the game, sometimes rules have a tendancy to bend in the favor of the team with the admins on it. It's not intentional, but it can ruin the game for some. The best milsims I've played in were ones where the admins were either not playing, or making up a neutral team. For example, the last Westcan milsim in Vancouver, when the admins played as UN Peacekeepers, only firing when fired on, that was a great game.

Personally, I think Alberta, either calgary or edmonton, would make the best setting for a Canada-wide milsim. It might be a little more expensive for those out east, but there are some great milsim organizers out there.

Oh, and on a final note, realism is another thing to consider. How realisitic do you want to go. Some milsims, for example, will have kit, camo, and gun limits to make it very realistic, others will have the american team in cadpat. I personally like the more realistic games, with limits on kit, etc.
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