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National Airsoft Game, Is it feasable? Why/why not?

Straight off, if you are new to the sport, and have never attended any larger scenario games please refrain from commenting on this because it's highly unlikely that a person with out a wider frame of reference will have the game experience background to really make an informed contribution. I'd like to hear specifically from the people who have either had a hand in planning, running or administrating, as well as those who have attended multiple large scale games over numerous seasons.

What I'd like to know is whether a truly national level game could be successfully held. I realize other games have been held that had a contingent of a few players from distant provinces, but what I'm talking about is a game that would effectively have a strong presence from all of the major provincial airsoft communities. In excess of 10 players from every province that has a strong player base.

I'm not spinning off on some highly improbably fantasy tangent here I have been directly involved in the planning of major events, and I'm certain I am one of the few individuals in the entire country who has the resources, the motivation, as well as the ability to actually make such a game a reality. What I'm trying to find out is whether this is something that would generate enough interest from the standpoint of the serious MilSim player base, to make it a reality, and a reasonably successful one at that.

Right now, Airsoft as a sport doesn't have a cohesive element that helps solidify the entire country in terms of common rules and regulations, with the advent of something like a national level event you have the embryo of the apparatus that could effectively create that. I think that this type of event can only serve to further the health and longevity of Airsoft in this country. Like the old adage says “If you aren’t progressing, you are regressing”
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