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Originally Posted by Chingyul View Post
THis one is tetra. I bought it from the Source a few months ago.
You can always check the label when you get to the store.

You don't need to buy an adapter. I just take the straw, cut off a piece, stick it in the nozzle, and then epoxy around the gap.
I was in a radioshack today and read that can top to bottom. Nowhere did it say what formula it is. I didnt want to risk it so i didn't buy it.

Zellers had Belkin brand duster which was labeled as tetra hfc134a, the price was way cheaper than radioshack too.

I just picked up a single can to tide me over till I go pick up an adapter from ASCA (IF THEY WOULD ANSWER THEIR PHONE) and a half dozen bottles of those 450g cans.
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