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That is and will be my oppinion and my point of view no changes (I know it's in difrent words each time but I hate repeating) The parents WERE stupid to not be with the kids while they were playing airsoft in the house and even LETTING the kids play with the -how the kids see them- toys. But, that's over and done with, it's happend, we can't change it, the past not the present or teh future.
The things kids watch, play, and do people can change and make better. By not letting kids play sertain games, watch sertain shows ect... you can erase most if not at loeast some of the thoughts of going around with some sort of firearm shooting people.
It's not just airsoft eather that can cause eye injuries, just last night my cousin got shot in the eye with a nerf. (he had gogles but took them off for a few secs to rub his eye)

PS: I'm not saying all games are bad if that's what you are getting but the age limits of shows that kids watch and games that kids play should be enforced more.
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