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It sounds like you and your buddies are quite imature when it somes to handling weapons. Always treat airsoft or airguns as if they are actual firearms.

Just curious, what guns do your friends have?
No, im not, trust me im the last guy you wanna scre around with, when it comes to ANY rifle safty. I hunt wiht big bores, and go vermit hunting with my .223, .22 LR ect.

MY buddy is just an idiot, he shot me with a Crosman Spring Master .177 cal.

I'am responsible, but i cant control other people's actions.

My buddie has a m4. just basic, i think from classic army , i have never really looked.
my other buddy has just a little Crosman Stinger (upgraded but still not very good)
and my other buddie has a m14 by tokyo. But they are more it to the whole airsoft thing.
when i go i use my buddies m9 gas blow back from maurzen i like it but im the sniping type =).

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