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Originally Posted by carbonsniper View Post
yea i read those, but they didnt sound to convincing. And i dont think i will ever play on a 'actual field". Canada needs to lighten up on there Airgun / Airsoft laws. And i saw nothing in the FAQ about the 3rd Gen bolt for it, so i was curious. and if it actually shot 430 with .20 gram BBs then i should be fine right ?
We all agree that Canada should "lighten up". Trust me. If you're not convinced on the 1,000 threads on how importing laws won't allow airsoft guns, then go ahead and try it - let us know the results.

What do you mean "it should be fine if it shoots 430fps"? If you're not going to play at a sanctioned field, then I suppose you'll have to ask your friends if they mind getting hit with a plastic pellet travelling 430 feet per second. If they say no, then I guess you're SOL.
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