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Originally Posted by carbonsniper View Post
I heard that Airsoft guns that shoot between 407 and 500 fps will be allowed in. Is that true?

Actually, it is. The RCMP was paid to do forensic testing on airsoft guns to determine at what velocity they are capable of causing serious bodily injury. The findings indicated that 407 fps was the magic number at which point airsoft guns go from being replicas to air guns. CBSA will apparently respect this finding.

i read this in the FAC. And the 3rd Gen bolt claims to shoot 430 fps with .20 gram BB's so its considered a Air Rifle so i can bring it over ?
FPS limits differ from field to field.

In order to get a good airsoft gun for cheap, your best bet is to get age verified here and check out the classifieds section. There are a ton of great deals in there.

Do yourself a favor and read the FAQ section, seriously. First impressions will kill you here, especially in such a (for lack of a better word) "underground" sport.

Once your credibility is ruined here, you're completely fucked from participating in anything airsoft-related.

Take an hour and read the FAQ section.
Then, if you have an intelligent question, search to see if it's been asked.
If it still hasn't been asked, then post up a thread.

(PS: There are about 5 threads on the M324, a few of which were posted in the last week. I'm sure you can understand everyone's frustration).
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