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Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper View Post
First it's 19, now it's 20 - which is it?

No one is arguing with you. You asked a question that could have been answered with a simple search.
If you're really so fixated on that gun, I would imagine you would at least put *some* effort into looking for it.

From your posts, what I can see is this: You like the M324. You looked at the retailers for it. You didn't find it. You don't want to pay $400 for a gun, you want to get one cheap. According to you, Canada does not have any school shootings except for that one that took over the elementary school. You don't like 007 Airsoft because they're lame and overpriced. You signed up today on this forum. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious. You've edited your age. You want the gun so you can go play with your buddies on his piece of land.

Death, sorry man i didnt see that. sorry man. i was rude and i apologize. Baracudda, i would like to know, but i dont expect you to tell me from what i just did. and yea i saw that to . i chuckeld. PS thanks for the help Death and i was rude to say that to you.
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