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Dunno, I think it's more or less that Glocks aren't made to take supressors. Maybe it's just the look of a Glock with a supressor that doubly turns people off.

Oh, incidentally, since i had tha tcrappy G&G threaded barrel for my Glock, and it wouldn't fit on my main G19 with metal slide without locking up and epmtying gas, I put it on my stock G19 since it works with the stock plastic slide. And while I dont' really have a big thing for supressors on airsoft guns (unless it hides a longer inner barrel) I DO have a very effective supressor I made for my M11 a few years back. And because there's a big game coming up in a couple weeks I decided to try to make a supressor for my G19 so I can shoot guys close by without letting the whole field know I'm there, and it works (not as well as my M11 though, it only clacks with the bolt moving back & forth). Otherwise I couldn't be bothered with a supressor for it.

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