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I put the blame solely and completely on the friend's parents.

It is their responsibility to monitor the children, as they have accepted the position of caregiver. In the legal world, it's known as "in loco parentis", or "in the place of the (absent) parent.

It is their responsibility to check to make sure the toys they buy their children to play with (and to play with other children) are safe.

It is their responsibility to monitor the children to ensure they play safely.

You can't give a 9 year old kid something like a bb gun/sharp stick/cattle prod/lighter and say "Now make sure you play safe" and walk away, absolving yourself of responsibility.

It's the fault of the parents. End of statement.
Ok I get the point, but even when I was 7 I had the common sence of knowing what I should do and what I shoulden't didn't the 9 year old kid have that gut feeling saying "This can get me hurt, I should try to avoid it." kinda thing? My little brother and I avoid the bad stuf and we are fine, but many other kids hang with the bad stuff and I know of a few that have lost everything - house, life, friend, sight, an arm, a leg, teeth ect.
I have two brothers one is fine and dandy but the other has broken a leg twice, chipped the side of his foot, cracked his head open 3-5 times, brain dammage I'm sure. The only diff I see is the people we hang with, the TV shows we watch, the games we play... none of them deal with the parents - much - but more the kid's choises in life and the things around the kid.
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