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I just got in and skipped about half the posts but here's by oppinion;

The blame spreads all over and not just on the kid who lost his eye, the parents, and the kid's friends. The parents didn't watch the kid, the kid didn't listen to his parents, older kids at the kids school present a bad example, a lot of TV shows present a bad example, TV and Videogames say "You get killed you comeback to life at a save point. You get hurt you cast a spell and heal yourself."

.... I belive one asked "Who's job is it to educate the parents?" um... parent counselor, parenting classes, Dr.Phil (he's good), other parents give advice .............. the kids do so very well THEY TEACH THE PARENTS HOW TO BE MANIPULATED!!!! "Mommy, I need new shoes."..."Daddy, I need a moter bike."..."I hate you!!!" The kids say I hate you and most parents try to make the kid happy even if it means giving in
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