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I think the point some people are trying to bring up is that yes, while these "toys" are *supposed* (read - supposed) to and intended for 18+ use - they are often not and ARE in fact, marketed towards the young teenage adolescent age-group. I'm sure plenty of us have seen it in stores just lying around on the rack; while some stores may have it under lock and key, most do not. I've seen kids that I think are 13 or 14 buy it with no problem, and no one says a thing to them. While parents do take a certain responsibility over the kids, so does everyone up the chain with them - they need to put in the proper safeguards to REDUCE the amount of accidents/danger that the end consumer is exposed to. It's not fair, it's not 'right', but unfortunately it's the way it is...

There's a reason why there's so much "health-conscious" food being advertised today and why beer ads always display 'Don't drink and drive' and 'Use alcohol responsibly'...
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