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Ok, Im a complete newb to the sport of airsoft but Im very interested in it and I want to contribute as much as I can. From what I understand, when you have a sort of grey area in the law such as an airsoft gun being or not being a firearm/replica/bb gun etc you can take it to court and get a judge to clearify the law but it is not cheap. If someone then disputes his decision it goes back to a higher court where it is again reclearified and so on.

I think the best solution to this is to get a forum going specifically for the issue and getting as many ideas and help as we can to get the ball rolling but I don't think there will be a simple or quick solution to the matter. IMO if we simply fight for airsoft to be legalized with no real restrictions we will be ignored and simply lose the fight. I think that we are better off to bring forward a plan that will look very good in the "soccer mom's" eyes such as maybe a Provincial Airsoft Licence, much like a Fire Arm Certificate. Only licenced retailers can import, only licenced owners can purchase and use airsoft guns. Take a safty course to get your certificate and even when you are certified you can only use or play airsoft on a registered airsoft field and/or private property which is zoned for use of firearms. The 18+ age restriction is a good start, kids can still play just the same as a kid can fire a legal firearm but they cannot own one and must be with an adult who holds a valid F.A.C and he is responsible for the minor. This can be discussed much further but my point is, if we are going to be taken seriously then we need to bring forward a strong plan and we might even get the "soccer moms" to agree with us and get those damn walmart crapsoft guns that are takin out eyeballs banned cause they are gonna be the end of airsoft for all of us.

I don't think an online petition will do anything at all other than get a head count on how many people will stand up and fight with us. A forum on the other hand will bring forward a game plan and hopefully some helpful people who can steer us all in the right direction on how to come forward and get the law changed or at least get airsoft its own section in the books.
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