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Originally Posted by thePiRaTE!! View Post
Dont take this as escalation - If you still disagree, thats ok, but please don't isolate specific instances of my terminology to distract from the point (hamburger = pencil, et al). Thats just flame fuel. Thanks.
I don't disagree, but I think there's plenty of warning labels and such already. I was at both Walmart and Canadian Tire today. At both places, the crapsoft is clearly labelled as being sold to 18+ people only. Clue #1. in the packaging of even the shittiest crapsoft (I bought an absolute stain of a gun from San Deigo's, just for fun) are all sorts of warnings not to shoot it at people, or in your eye, or at your pets. There was even a little pamphlet inside the box with the same warnings. How many more does society need? If the parents missed all this, then yes, they're at fault and should clearly roast as a result. If you thin there should be more, you're going to have a tough time lobbying for it to happen.

And yes, the hamburger is still a pencil. The person eating it is making a spelling mistake
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