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Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
Er, we're not as a nation of responsible users held accountable as it is. Is a nation of responsible users accountable for every retard that gets nailed for DUI? Lots of folks misuse alcohol. It's not the "nation's" or the brewer's/distiller's fault.
Trying to be as neutral as possible here. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but you are saying everyone should be smart enough to never do anything dumb and if they hurt themselves in the course of excersing dumb, then its their fault alone. I'll will agree so far as the dumb only hurts itself and at no point becomes a burden to me. If Billy shoots out his own eye and not my kids.

I quoted you above to outline how very much so, brewers and the nation are held accountable for the actions of those who abuse alcohol everyday. There are warnings on the product, limitations upon whom its sold and trained staff that are _supposed_ to cut you off at the bar. The police to whom we as a nation pay taxes to afford are trained to watch out for the dumb once it tries to drive itself home drunk when it doesn't get cut-off, and to setup checkstops to catch it before it gets us hurt. This is what I'm advocating for Crossman if indeed the problem is as rampant as the article would have us believe.

At the risk of repeating myself, there needs to be a more reliable system in place to help limit the possibility of careless injury. Mostly its just a need to educate the public so Billys parents aren't as careless to begin with. Parents would do a better job mitigating risks they understood. Better packaging and distribution as outlined above is all I'm suggesting. Dumb must be accounted for or it hurts itself *and others*. If I sell you the risk, its my job to properly prepare you for it. Thats my view and I'm entitled to it!

Dont take this as escalation - If you still disagree, thats ok, but please don't isolate specific instances of my terminology to distract from the point (hamburger = pencil, et al). Thats just flame fuel. Thanks.
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