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Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
Er, no. Next you're going to tell us that pencils cause spelling mistakes.

May be, but it boils down to the individual's responsibility to take care of themselves. McDonalds doesn't make you fat. YOU make you fat...

Gah... I have to call you out on the cliche. Its better suited to the gun crimes in which it has been referenced several times in here alone.

Besides, its not just my opinion. What I had stated with regards to the fast food chains is in fact the reality of the situation currently. To relate it to your cliche - each hamburger is a 'spelling mistake' from a health stand point. Eaten in conjunction with a healthy diet - a hamburger here and there is not a problem, but not everyone understands this. Along with vast profits comes with the burden of the health decline they cause when overconsumed. Its why cars have seatbelts. The car doesn't crash, people crash, but they crash like that only in cars. Pencils don't make mistakes, people make mistakes, thats why pencil manufacturers take the responsibility of putting an eraser on the back. Hamburgers actually make people fat though, and McDonalds can't put a seatbelt or an eraser on it, so they need to tell the fat kid its bad for you, or at least tell him that maybe a salad would be a better side choice than the fries because the kid eats there everyday and they know that - they told him too.

Heres the cliche that I will use - the fleet only sails as fast as its slowest ship.

Eventually, the dumbest kid ever will hold an airsoft gun and I don't think its happened yet. It'll be like that moment when an ape first weilded a bone as a tool. I can hear the orchestra swelling. Imagine the wonders of legal trauma one really dumb kid and a full metal M4 AEG could cause. I want to know that when the legal ramifications of his grave failure to understand the point are sifted through, it wasn't that he got it so easily with no checks though an online retailer. You know the rest. I'm simply saying there is a responsibility to do things right. Allow me to continue:

I haven't purchased a Crossman product lately. What they should be doing is securing the gun in such a way that it is difficult to remove from the packaging without first being exposed to a clear warning as to the serious consequences of thier misuse. Then, they should be sold behind the gun counter, where a sales associate would who is properly educated to inform and verify the consumer, does so. This removes any doubt that you are dealing with a harmless toy. THEN, if Billy shoots out his eye, we as a nation of responsible users can't really be held accountable for how those who wander upon the sport misuse it. It really is mom and dads fault now, they are responsible and they were warned. Every possible measure of safety was taken. Its like a handrail on a bridge - you need to have it by law, but it still doesn't stop everyone from falling over, but you still need the rail. Lets make sure those who sell and distribute this sport at least put up the rail is all I'm saying. Hell, I'd like to see Airsoft distributed this way, if I knew it would be adhered to.

(ps have you seen 'Supersize Me'? ...classic)
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