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Originally Posted by pwor View Post
im just curious why do alot of people buy desert boots.i dont seem to recall seeing alot of deserts in canada.
Then you've never been to Rawdon I take it!

Actually for me personally, it's simply because they rock so much compared to your traditional black boots (for example Canadian Mk III's). It gets really, really hot here in Ottawa in the middle of summer and these are awesome as they breath and are really lightweight.

I do plan on picking up another set of boots this playing season, something in brown w/ goretex for those days when it's wet and/or a bit on the cold side.

This whole trend towards desert boots that are more of a running shoe is really picking up steam. In addition to the Oakley assault boot and the Altama Exospeed, there are a bunch of new contenders out there, for instance the new Converse boot;

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