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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Bullshit. It's a parent's job to be aware of what their children are doing.
This is true. It is also black and white. They gray area here which is also worth consideration, using your avatar as an example - Is the Fast Food restaurant responsible for making the kid fat? Not on a meal for meal basis. But, if restaurants that trade in food high in fats are going to advertise that their food is all you need to eat for breakfast, lunch and supper (and that its a great place for kids) then at some point it becomes that restaurants responsibility to accept their role in a nation of fat kids. We've seen MacD's and others accept their roles by modifying the types of foods and cooking ingredients used. Not everyone reads the label to make sure what they eat is good for them, its sad, but its true.

In concluding and to tie it back up with airsoft - is it Canadian Tires or Crossmans fault Billy lost an eye? Not on a case for case basis. But, if these potentially dangerous items are made to look like toys, distributed all too often to children and these injuries become commonplace enough that optamologists band together, there needs to be a rethink on the part of the producer on how these items are marketed and distributed so that they are more highly respected by the consumer for what can become of them if used improperly.
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