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so just dont upgrade your gun to the maximum limit

I don't,I do have one very close thow (ICS M4 S.I.R.).It's like I tell most people that ask me about working on there unit or ask about upgrading,400 fps is a limit,not a target to aim for! But it does seem like every place in Canada varies from Prov. to Prov. I would't be one for the 550fps,but some people have no problem with that and thats cool as long as everyone playing is in agreement to thoes rules.It's funny how some of this kina stuff comes about as people get hurt at games,but remember we are all supost to be over 18 and know about safety,but yet people lose teeth and get serious face injuries do to no wearing the propper saftey items.I won't play unless I'm using my full face mask and others on ower team feel the same as we'v seen what happens other wise.But on the flipside that extra 50 fps at range makes the difference between someone feeling there hit or not! I just think some are alittle high (fps limits!).But thats cool if all involved are cool with it and know the risk,It's a double edge sword,yes you need alittle more for outdoors,but not too much lol,Cheers guy's ! ( I do think there is alot to be learned here with this topic!)
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