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You will protect your identity at all times. It is better to abort a mission than to give away your true identity.

You will not fraternize with the enemy. When they see you they may attempt to stop the game and discover who you are. Do not speak to them. Wait for them to start the game again and then engage. If they throw a baby like temper tantrum at the fact that we are there and got the drop on them, you will shoot the nearest enemy player (within the appropriate engagement distance) in the crotch and then run like hell to the extraction point.

You are never to reveal yourself to anyone online via pm's, emails, public forums or private forums. Our organization is double blind. You will never learn my true identity. You may work with fellow brothers and sisters in airsoft arms whom you will never know their real names or faces. The trust will be there. It will work because everyone will have plausible deniability and everyone is working towards the same goal. This technique has proven effective in the other states we have enacted it.
I think you're right, they are a cult.

What a bunch of pussies. If anyone shot me in the nuts for asking who someone is, or to try and be friendly, they'd get a good solid punch in the throat.
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