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Hi all. Just ordered my first airsoft gun, and have to say I'm as excited as I could be. Coming from paint ball which I've done for ages and ages, but this looks a lot better. I just purchased a KJW Sig Sauer P226 (with all the trademarks which was nice to see) from 007 here in town. I did happen to find a retailer out of Hong Kong I believe that had the same gun minus the trademarks for nearly $135 cheaper and they offered bb's as well. I'm down for supporting Canadians businesses but how can another place be so much cheaper? Is there problems getting them into Canada? I'd be interested for purchases down the road. Also where is a good place to find places to play in Calgary? Obviously I'll need some practice, but eventually I'd be looking to play competitively in the area when I have the gear and some experience.

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