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It's been asked...ALOT....hence my short answer. That said, for snipers....500fps is a good start. A sniper should have a distinct distance advantage IMO or the person is just a handicapped rifleman.

Our field allows over 500fps guns but we only allow those players we trust to use such.
Thanks! it still seems in that some what "Grey" area to me,like spliting hairs! What I meen is that the Law being talked about are for more like typical Firearms that "Joe blow" is use to seeing,but as soo as you cross the whole Prohibited devices arena that seems alittle,um eek,lol! It might be enough for them just to charge you anyway lol.I might just ask my Wife and see if she can find that out at her work (Manitoba Prosecutions) we'll see,i don't want to shine any negative light on the Hobbie/sport if I don't have to draw any attention to it.But I do thank you for the reply,Cheers!
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