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Hey Ibby,I don't dissagree in the least,But the whole going to 500 plus to me is alittle much as it now would become something you have to register as a Firearm would it not,I just don't think we need to fight with authorities anymore than we already have too lol.I completly understand,yes the extra 50 fps does make a huge difference at long rang! Not to gain distance,but with all the gear we wear when we play it's hard to feel a hit at long rang with a stock TM or CA.I know theres been times I'v had to wait and hear if it hit me as I don't alway's feel it if I get shot on a thicker part of the vest! As far as we'v seen playing here,400 fps is more than enough to play with,without seriously hurtting someone.Thats my personal "Big thing" I don't want people to get hurt and say well we'll never play that agin lol.Theres has to be a common ground to work on don't ya think,Cheers man!
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