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Technically this looks like a collection aquired over years, since most of those models are separated by decades. I see a lot of combination of classic gas and electric - that M134 could be a ToyTec, hard to say. That's a JAC MAC-10 for sure, and that thing is at least 20 or more years old.

Course im probably left field wrong and the guy could have just bought them all on impulse and such - not really knowing what he's got, only because some yo yo on eGhey was screaming RARE! RARE! OMFG THIS IS SO SO RARE! THATS WHY I HAVE TWO!! RAAAAAAAAAAARE!

I like my steak rare, not my Airsoft.

<edit> I'm wrong - that's SCARR - he's a good guy. Kudos to him for putting airsoft on the map in Austria. Hillarious videos too. Way to keep PERSEC too in the photo's.

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