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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
and i keep telling you guys, whats the big deal?? your still shooting 350fps!
I was checking out my friends VSR-11, thing shoots 450 fps, has maybe 2/3 the range of my G3 that shoots a mere 365fps.

Exactly, so if the FPS is still the same all around, then what is the big deal? Why are you going to limit one AEG over an other when in the real world they're using the same round. An M16 will not shoot farther than an M249, because it is the same bullet, just has a tighter grouping((Okay might be some range affected from barrel length)). By the logic you have on MILSIM, we would have to start making FPS limits by caliber the gun imitates.

FPS on the gun isn't where the rules need to be made on Support Weapons, its rules on the use. And as for the VSR versus the G3, many things come into play, the barrel length for one. But since your argument would suggest that FPS and accuracy are not affected by one another, how does the FPS rules really affect the game play on the Support gun? They still have 10,000 rounds to waste on your butt :P.

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