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sure, your only hitting me once, I wouldn't mind, but i don't have any sway over sniper rules.
and Dracheous, your point is invalid. There are british 3 man recon teams that consist of a spotter, an M249 and an M240.
I don't care if im fighting a 6 man team of 6 LMGs, so long as they use them in a realistic manner and not as a flamethrower with an ammo hack.

and i keep telling you guys, whats the big deal?? your still shooting 350fps!
I was checking out my friends VSR-11, thing shoots 450 fps, has maybe 2/3 the range of my G3 that shoots a mere 365fps.
I saw two guys with CA M15A4CQB's with stock springs shooting at me at my maximum range with the most incredible grouping i've ever seen.
Your not losing any performance unless you have no idea what your doing when your upgrading.
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