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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I hit a button and it deleted what I was writing so I'll just summarize it;
People who really want to be LMG gunners, will adapt to the new rules
People who want uber guns with lots of ammo, will buy a different gun or go play on a field not under MAA rules and regs.
It's just the fact they bought the gun to get around ammo restrictions with no intention of ever using is as a support or assault weapon.

In a way it's helping everybody, since everyone who bought an M249 for a non-milsim reason has a field to play at where they are welcome, and the MAA can stay milsim
Restrict the numbers, not the gun.

IE. Instead of restricting what you can do with the gun, restrict it so that a team needs 10 players to have one LMG gunner. Since an M249 is essentially the same as an M16, seeing as they use the same ammo, they should have the same restrictions on the field. But if you limit only one M249 to every 10 people you'll have one person who'll get told to act like support for his buddies as the other 9 will be counting on him to do just that.

Ammo limit rules can be changed too. Make it one box-mag and the rest of the ammo they carry is to supply team mate guns not their own. If I saw a guy loading up a M249 in the field, I'd see it as the same as a guy loading up an M4 mag when they have 300 round limits. If the teams have to return to base to reload, then they can return to their support gunner, get ammo off him until his limit runs out too. Then everyone's on limited ammo and has to conserve and retreat to base for re-supply.

I just don't see justification why one gun should not be able to use the same upgrades ((with in safe measure of course)) as another that is virtually the same, both airsoft and real world weapons.

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