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I'm not saying that it's ok for parents to be irresponsible. I'm pointing out that when a problem becomes common, a company has to take steps to protect their consumer.

For instance, green gas cans are not DOT certified. They do not meet the requirements for the safe storage of propane. DOT regs require that disposable containers meet rigorous structural standards so they can do things like not blow up if you forget them in the trunk of your car on a hot summer day.

Notionally we can say it's stupid to leave a can of propane in a hot car trunk, but the fact remains that we transport stuff frequently in car trunks in the summer and that it's not hard to forget stuff in the trunk of your car. Therefore it becomes upon the onus of the gas bottler to contain their products in containers which can withstand a forseeable amount of abuse in order to protect society when practical. DOT cans can generally handle a hot car trunk. Green gas cans can't. If you blow up a can of gas in your hot car trunk, it's your fault for forgetting to store your gas properly. It's also the bottlers fault for not protecting their customer from a reasonably forseeable situation especially when it's quite possible to do so (i.e. steel can with overpressure relief valve).

In extension, it is important for airsoft marketers to market their product appropriately and clearly advise the the buyers of their product.
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