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It could be a case of inappropriate marketing. Clearsoft has the appearance of being a toy yet it evidently outputs enough muzzle energy to cause ocular damage. They're cheap and they come in bright glossy boxes which aren't always behind lock and key.

Back in my day, spring powered guns which shot rubber darts or pellets were so underpowered they wouldn't pierce bond paper consistently at point blank.
They were pretty useless for skirmishing, but they were safe for players who weren't thoughtful enough to wear eye protection.

Evidently 9yr olds are not typically responsible enough to protect their eyes. They do not have the consistent capacity to understand that the eye is much more vulnerable to damage than the rest of the body which is why even paintball is not marketed to 9yr olds.

Someone made a mistake marketing clearsoft to children. When eye damaging incedents become frequent you can easily blame the parents, but at some point you have to accept the situation that parents may not be fully aware of what their offspring do and protect the end user directly. Manufacturers and distributers have a duty of care in protecting a wide range of society. Not just the 80 percentile of people writing the responsibility test of life.
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