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Here is the kicker

"Talking with other opthalmologists in town, we've seen at least five of these injuries just since January, so it's definitely something prolific and the eye injuries are typically quite serious,"

"These guns are dangerous and have to be used with extreme caution ... This type of injury from airsoft guns is something that has been concerning opthalmologists worldwide

Regina isn't a huge metropolis, maybe 1/4 of a million people, so it may be safe to assume that in bigger centers like Edmonton or Vancouver these cases have grown into the hundreds. What kind of impact are these cases going to have on the organized sport side of it is difficult if not impossible to say, but it is definitely a concern.

%100 parents fault IMO, I doubt they would have let the kids out of the house had they been using a Daisy or a Crossman gun, and yet some of the Crossman Airsoft guns using Co2 can fire at a pretty good velocity.
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