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Awww his gun looks bigger than mine . WAIT! Let's limit his more than mine!

AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :duke: 1337R than thou!

/end sarcasm

Like Gren said, just cause the gun has a high FPS doesn't mean it can not be taking out. My bolt action has a HIGH FPS but it gets taken out easily if someone can spray down the area I am in before I can reload to shoot the second person. That's why snipers hide and take longer shots. The LMG will have the same purpose in airsoft as it does in real life tactics, hose the shit out of everything. Yes you have to stop and let the barrel cool, yes you'd have to stop and reload ((Yeah I don't like the idea of someone pouring BB's in as they load either but anyway)). The point to the gun is to keep heads down, as stated several times. And what keeps heads down better than a big wall of flying shit that is just cutting everything down?

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