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Think about it.

With a LMG you've got no choice but to hose full auto... and with that rate of fire each little shot shoots (estimated) 6 or 7

With a AEG you can chose either semi or auto, But the ROF is substantially lower. I know with my M16 when I'm in auto I can fire a single shot with a slight trigger pull...

IMO the 350 Limit is a smart move. No one wants to be hosed down by multiple LMG's when just one BB would do it.
I'v had my G&P 249 chron'd at X.T. and it shoot 382 fps at 14 rnds a sec.and my G&P M4SO did 367 fps at 19 rnds a sec so clearly the M4SO had better ROF.We just played a games Sunday with four LMG's and my self being one of them wheilding one of them around was no easy task and became a freek'n taget to be take'n out as soon as we started firing,we were take'n out just like anybody else! Ower guy's had the tactics too take out LMG operators with out a glitch,everyone had a blast noone had any prob.'s
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