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Originally Posted by silent_lemon View Post
Well, history first. After reading everything and anything I could get my hands on regarding Tanaka's line of m700's, I decided to find a Tanaka m700 AICS PCS.
Originally Posted by silent_lemon View Post
So, i received it promptly, opened the box, cool, big green gun, content with my new m700 AICS PCS, I propped it up in a corner not 2 feet from the original box, and decided to relieve myself from the nearing 2 year airsoft hiatus when it gets warmer.

Well now it's nearing that time of the year, and I actually need to sell it - I'm in quite the bind, and could really use that 900 back. I packed it up, original papers still in the box, styrofoam included, never fired, (magazine doesnt even KNOW what a BB looks like...) So I put it up for sale advertising Tanaka M700 AICS PCS, for sale for the amount I paid for the gun, 900.

I agree with the statement that after 3 months of you doing nothing that its not Marks fault.

From read the above lines from your original post (yes I cut out some crap in between but it doesn't change what you type here). This tells me that you have researched this gun over and over, you did unpack and inspect the gun upon receipt of it but did not fire it. I don't know about the rest of you but when I take a virgin gun out of the box for the first time like mentioned about I play with it for a few moments till my hard on settles down. And considering how much research you've put into the gun you think you would notice what the other buyer notice instantly upon unpacking it just like you. Not only did you unpack it, but you left it unpacked for 3 months where you could see it everytime you went to bed, until you repacked it for sale (at which time most people would typically give it a once over to make sure nothing was missing).

I'm sorry but I agree with Mark on this one, in all that time, with all your reading and knowledge on the gun...... well damn chalk it up to experience check what you buy right away...... like I mean you buy a meatball sub from Subway, go home and throw it in the fridge and 3 days later go to eat it and finds out that its a Pizza sub with olives (OLIVES I SAY!!). They are not going to replace it.
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