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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
so you've totally ruled out Tanaka as the source of this fault?
A&A checked the box, said PCS on it, He doesnt know what the heck a PCS is, he's never even used a gas pistol in the field. He's not gonna spend 20 minutes researching the subject and then check every gun to make sure, that's Tanaka's job. They make it, they do their quality control, A&A just brings it in to sell it.

When you order/buy something you should generally inspect it to make sure it fits your needs/requirements as soon as it gets into your hand. If anyone could just bring something back at any moment in time, retailers would be out of business from people just using it till it breaks and going back and saying "Its not what I got told it'd be!" And gets their money back?

If A&A labled it as to what they were informed it was, the fault goes back to the manufacture. If they miss labeled it, then yes there is some fault on A&A's bit here, and solves the problem by fixing the advertisement. However, on cost I personally think this would have stayed the same, unless it was miss labeled and priced by the manufacture, as the mark-up on the product would be from the price it was when A&A got it into stock.

A lot of this situation rests on Lemon's court, 3 months is far too long to expect the retailer to be able to do much for him. If they were good and really wanted to help him, I'd suggest what someone else has already here, help him by sourcing out the bolt that would have the PCS device in it and getting Lemon a "decent" deal on that bolt. But really, there's little excuse to say that he could not have gotten it tested with in a couple weeks to a month MAX of receiving the item. When I work on my guns, I'll dry fire it once or twice to make sure the mechanism is firing, then I head out to the local gaming field to test it and make sure BB's are going where they should.

Bottom line IMO: 3 months is WAY too long to turn around and say "You boned me man!" And then expect the retailer to bend over backwards for you.

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