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im mixed here,, ive bought a bunch of stuff from mark,, it all worked out for me,, i understand what alot of the 'business' oriented guys are saying from the point of veiw of the bottom line,, but i own a tanaka aics with the afor mentioned option and i only realized it after i read a post from ILLIUSION,, i think one option that hasnt been mentioned is that you can buy the right bolt with the pcs option and add it to the gun and sell it,, it may be roughly the same dollar wise as negotiating with A&A as buying the part and reselling the gun,, like i said before, i have had any problems with A&A,, but that may be a way to help you sell it,, im pretty sure ILLUSION said somewhere that you can order the correct bolt for it,, the reason the build was changed was because of regulations in japan.

hope i helped, maby i didnt, lykurgus.
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