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Both parties are to blame here.

A: Mark should know what he is selling but you guys have to realize that its only one person. Stuff comes in and stuff goes out every day and there is bound to be a mix up. Now frankly Mark DOES have a return policy for the 48 hours if the gun has not been fired. How does Mark know that it has not been fired when it was sold to the other fella? You can't guarentee that 100%... Only thing he can do is trust in what the guy says... but that could screw him over. I think 3 months is way too long to get a full refund. If I were mark I would give 75% of the money back in the form of store credit.

B: silent_lemon did wait 3 months. If it had been a year would Mark still have to do anything for him? I say no and even at this point. It would be nice if Mark gave a 75% refund but thats up to him.

If Mark does nothing whats going to happen? Ooo bad press for Mark. Who cares. I am willing to bet that 90% of you will still buy from him. Hell they found out that NIKE uses children to make their items and yet most of you still go around wearing your shoes/shirts without a care in the world.
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