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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
...I mean, given what he clearly states on his site in regards to the 48 HOURS.
Originally Posted by Maverick0 View Post
By purchasing something from the store, you've agreed to the terms for returning an item. It's that simple.
It isn't. A vendor can put a limit of 48 hours all they want, but as I stated before the law says otherwise. Here's a "for instance": I buy a gun, and 72 hours later wish to return it. Vendor says no, it's not his policy. The law trumps that policy, I'm afraid.
Yes 3 months is way outside 7 days, but as A&A's policy clearly states, "...also the product must come back in the condition as it left the store. Once the item has been fired it is no longer returnable". From what I understand has been stated in this thread, the weapon hasn't been fired, so that point is taken care of. The only point that would seem to be under contention now is the time difference. IMO the gun is just as much incorrect now as it was when it was sent out. I'm sure some arrangement can be made that would be satisfactory to both parties involved. Like Cortex said, it's a small community. I'd love to see a happy ending here. Lord knows we need more.
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