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Wow, this has to be the most....balanced? problem I've seen on these boards. Points are strong for both sides.

3 months, after a re-sale....that's just too damn long. I mean, given what he clearly states on his site in regards to the 48 HOURS. I know....yes he should be able to be confident in his purchase....but what if it was just a mistake on A&A's part. Everyone is human and he even says on his site he would have corrected the mistake, noquestions asked BEFORE 48 HOURS. Considering Mark is a human being and human beings make mistakes, I think it is in best intrest to check anything over regardless of who sold it to you the very moment you get it. And especially when you are going to sell it yourself.

Now in Lemon's defence, I too have had little problems. Only one incident where a mag did not show up and I never did recieve it and it was never fully resolved. However, in other dealings, I've gotten certain perks here or tere that more then compensated for it.

This situation is difficult either way. I'm gonna have to side with A&A though.
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