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Originally Posted by redhawk_six View Post
Okay, I have to say something...

Say for example, I find a retailer advertising gen 3 nvgs for cheap. I know gen 3s are hard to get, and not normally cheap, but the retailer is a trusted retailer in the community. So, I buy them. There are no markings on the box to indicate that they are not gen 3. I dont get a chance to try them out for a few months. When I do try them, I find out they're not gen 3, but gen 1. Now, following your logic, it's my fault? I'm sorry, that's just stupid.

He had every right to expect that A&A sent him the right gun. He shouldn't have to check the moment he gets it!
I never said A&A wasn't at fault. Pay attention, please.

At this point though, it's the buyer's responsibility only because he waited this long to try and do something about it.

I don't understand why anyone would buy something and then not try it out when they receive it. I can understand waiting a few days, maybe even a couple weeks due to time constraints, but my argument is that 3 months is too long.

The point here is that this could have just been a shipping error on A&A's part. Silent_lemon took his time and didn't report the error until now, so how could A&A have known?

The following is directly from the A&A website:

"We ship AirSoft products to Canadian Addresses only. If your not happy we will refund you your money less shipping as long as you have contacted us within 48 hrs of recieving the product and also the product must come back in the condition as it left the store. Once the item has been fired it is no longer returnable"

By purchasing something from the store, you've agreed to the terms for returning an item. It's that simple.
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